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What happened in Columbine High School was an incident that has been happening all too often across the United States. Kids killing kids, teens killing teens. And while each new incident shocks the country, society does nothing as a whole to prevent the next one from occurring. Sure, we talk about passing legislation on tougher gun control laws, but that can take years, we need to do something now. Or month after month, kids will be killing kids. It's time we try and put a stop to all the violence.

We, as teens, need to make the change. It's happening in our schools, we are the ones who are the closest too it. We are the main victims of it. Because I cannot wave a wand and suddenly the violence will stop, it has to begin with us. As a Teen Against Violence, it's a personal promise to take responsibility for yourself, to be aware of the warning signs and help others, and to make sure that you are never the cause of violence. Display the logo on your web page somewhere, spread the word. Or just make the promise to yourself. This can only happen if we on a personal level are willing to change. When we all make the commitment, we will start to see the change.

This is not a webring, it's just to make people aware. If you choose to link to this page, so be it. But if you don't, that's ok too. As long as you are willing to make the promise to yourself.

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